General Rules for Graves

  1. One upright monument per lot where allowed
  2. All monuments, planting of trees, shrubbery, and other plants must be approved.
  3. The purchase of a lot or any other interment space gives the purchaser the right of interment of human remains and the right to provide an approved memorial. The control and supervision of the land remains with the Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Cemetery Association.
  4. All lots and graves are subject to the general rules, conditions, and limitations of the cemetery as they currently exist and as they change in accordance with the approval of the Board of Managers.
  5. Interment charges include opening of the grave, use of the lowering device and greens, restoration of sod, removal of flowers, and permanent recording of documents.
  6. Repair services include resurfacing of lot and fertilizing. All repairs are guaranteed for one year. All work subject to cemetery rules. A price will be quoted on request for repairs not covered under the endowed care.
  7. No grave shall be opened nor a memorial erected on any lot or grave not paid in full or not under the cemetery care program.

Flower and Decoration Policies.

Perpetual care relates to the cemetery as a whole regarding lawn mowing,  cleanliness, general maintenance and landscaping in the public areas. This includes mowing the graves.

It does not include caring for flowers and plants installed by individual families or the cleaning or repair of headstones.  Those services are the family’s responsibility but we can help coordinate some of those services such as monument cleaning including flat stones and corner markers.

We ask that flowers and decorations are placed close to your headstone or monument so our maintenance crew can easily mow and trim without damaging your decorations or their equipment.  Any decorations away from the headstone must be below mowing height. Please contact us for suggestions and examples of what works best for everyone. Our care takers are respectful and  do their best to keep the cemetery looking good. Please help us with your cooperation.

Please note; it is policy that if the flowers, plants, shrubs, trees or other decorations installed by families have become degraded in appearance (such as plants that have become partially withered, turned brown or overgrown), they will be removed.  In simple terms, if the plants or decorations start to look bad and are  detracting from the appearance of the cemetery, we will remove them for everyone’s benefit. There is no charge for this.


A copy of the bylaws can be emailed upon request.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations for Visitors

The following are NOT permitted on this private property:  

Dogs or pets other than those enclosed in a vehicle.

Bicycle riding, Skateboarding, Snowmobiling, Firearms, Roller skating/blading, Unlicensed drivers, Off-road vehicles, Consumption of alcoholic beverages, Driving over 15 MPH.

Cemetery Hours  are 7:30 AM to Dusk.

No disrespectful conduct will be tolerated.

No Trespassing.  Maine State Law states it is illegal to visit any cemetery after dark. All violators will be prosecuted.