About Us

DSC_1557The Saint Demetrios Hellenic Orthodox Cemetery is a non-profit (501 C3) association managed by community volunteers.

It is the second Greek Orthodox cemetery established in the United States.

Today, only persons of Greek Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox faith may be buried in the cemetery.

Brief History Overview:

  • 1915: The cemetery property was purchased on Nov. 26, 1915 from the John H. Durgin family for $300.00.
  • (Registry of Deeds, Book #640, page 295) and named the Greek Orthodox Cemetery.
  • 1929:  In 1929 the name was changed to Saint James Cemetery.
  • 1935:  In 1935 the name was changed to Saint Demetrios Cemetery.
  • 1957 The name was again changed to Saint Demetrios Hellenic Cemetery.
  • Also in 1957, the Association for the Saint Demetrios Hellenic Orthodox Cemetery was Founded.
  • The above information was compiled by Nicholas Minadakis April 20, 2000.

Improvements and projects.

Through the years, there have been many improvements to the cemetery including better roads, a water system, a chapel, improved landscaping and fences. We hope to continue to make improvements in the near future to better serve our community.

Benefactors will be acknowledged or may remain anonymous if they so  desire.  Benefactors may contribute in the memory of  loved ones.

If you would like to become a benefactor and help us maintain as well as improve the cemetery, please contact us to choose which projects you would like to help or how you would like to contribute.  Your participation will be of great help.

Call 207-956-0054 for more information. Your participation is appreciated and will be always remembered through public documentation.  Such public acknowledgement provides both a sense of community by remembering  those who have preceded us and to those here now.


The Board of Managers is comprised of volunteers from the local community who serve terms of seven years with no compensation.

Present members include:

  • President James Macos Term expiration 2017
  • Treasurer Efstratios (Sam) Anagnostis  Term expiration 2015
  • Secretary Alexander Mouzas  Term expiration 2019
  • George Perkolidis Term expiration 2016
  • Mary K. Shaw  Term expiration 2018
  • Steve Kouzounas Term expiration 2020
  • Chad Poitras  Term expiration 2021

Nominating Committee: Ken Lane Chair, Peter C. Mourmouras, Peter Gregory

We welcome your feedback and participation.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-207-956-0054